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Emerica and Explosions In the Sky Collab
Emerica and Explosions In the Sky CollabEmerica & Explosions In the Sky Introduce the customized signature WINO G6 & WINO Cruiser: http://emerica.com/eits/ This collab commemorates Emerica's relationship, as both fans of each other’s talents, as well as the mutually strong friendships that have been formed over the years. This project features the EITS WINO G6 in all black premium leather and a signature WINO Cruiser, displaying the artwork off of their latest album, The Wilderness. These shoes were curated hands on with EITS and stand as a testament to the relationship we both hold. #EmericaxEITS Instagram @Emerica Facebook.com/Emerica Twitter.com/Emerica
Posted by: Emerica