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Skateboarding videos
Chicago Skateboarding Slams, Bails And Funny Falls While Filming for (708) Volume 2
(P.S. The best slam is at the end so you should watch the whole thing!) I've been getting more requests for more bails lately so here you go! Here are most of the good bails slams and funny hits that happened while filming in Chicago for 708 vol 2 from 2012 to 2014. This is the first of many funny and different videos coming soon. I want to show more of what happens when we are not landing tricks, because that is most of the time. Comment what you think the funniest fall was. If you ever want to see anything, let me know in a comment! Chicago Skateboarding Illinois Skateboarding Bails Slams Falls Hits Funny Hilarious 2017 Video by segatron media
Posted by: Skatematic