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Skateboarding videos
Creature Skateboards: Born Dead
Creature Skateboards: Born Dead***WARNING! THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN MUTED DUE TO MUSIC RIGHTS ISSUES, WE'RE LETTING IT RIDE... JAM YOUR OWN TUNES OR DON'T*** SUBSCRIBE to Creature Skateboards for INSTANT Access: http://bit.ly/CreachTube Available for the first time Officially from Creature since it's 2006 release, here is Born Dead in it's entirety.... Featuring Navarrette, Partanen, Hitz, Horn, Boat, Perkins, Ponts and Gravette. FOLLOW the Fiend Club: Interweb: http://www.creatureskateboards.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreatureSkat... Instagram: https://instagram.com/creaturefiends/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/creaturefiends Tumblr: http://creatureskateboards.tumblr.com/