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Skateboarding videos
How To Ollie with Sean Hanley
Learn the most essential trick in skateboarding from Ollie master Sean Hanley. Woodward Camp instructors are an essential part of our program, That is why we pick the crème de la crème of skate instructors to help you advance your skateboarding during the week of camp that you are at camp. Take a look inside and see what we are all about. Filmed and edited by Ricky Flip Register For Camp Today! SUBSCRIBE for more Woodward moments: http://bit.ly/1mTgvbY Camp is always Tweeting and Posting to Instagram and Facebook! FOLLOW US here: The Woodward West website: http://bit.ly/wwwest INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/wwwestig FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/wwwestfb TWITTER: http://bit.ly/wwwesttwRegister For Camp Today!
Posted by: Woodward West