Skateboarding videos
demo reel 2017
demo reel 2017I still have much to add but here is a rough 1 min demo. The next update will include professional animal actors, drift car racing, cgi, music video bits, and more. I shoot action sports in a frame rate of 59.94 in order to give it the proper smoothness and live feel. I shoot everything else in 23.976 and convert all my time lapse photography to 23.976 as well. I worked in a 59.94 timeline so that my export kept all my 59.94 footage native looking and smooth. I interpreted all my 23.976 shots forced to make sure there are no freeze frames and that this frame rate looks native. Normally I don't mix frame rates but since this is a reel its a must to make sure things are show native as possible. All shooting, editing, color grading and audio is done by myself. I use adobe CC 2017 premier pro, speed grade, after effects, and audition. Big thanks to soundcloud.comstevenobrien for hooking it up with proper music.