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Skateboarding videos
No Comply FS Heel to Bigspin: Sergio Santoro || ShortSided
Help Support this Channel: https://www.patreon.com/BrettNovak Subscribe for a new ShortSided every Monday: http://bit.ly/1U49dVv No Comply from the nicest, nicest guy... Film/Edit: http://BrettNovak.com / @BrettNovak Skater: @sergio_santoro Music: "Emo Step Show" by http://soundcloud.com/the-custodian-of-records Special Thanks to my Patreon supporters: Chris Arnold, Bjoern Paschen, Norbi Whitney, Rich Novak, Jakub Koziol, Alexander Rademaker, Kyle Davis, Andrew Kellar, Kyle Davis, Samy Rahakbauw, Boardriding.com, Nick Hill, Luther Mason, Trevor Pearlman, Dennis Hilla, Martin Arnesson, Luther Mason, Albert Pulver, Skie Avro, Scholarship Developers, World Freestyle Round-Up
Posted by: Skatematic