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Skateboarding videos
Ten Tricks - Jimmy Jamsimi
For this episode of Ten Tricks, Jimmy Jamsimi does 10 tricks on the quarter pipe in the Junction at Woodward West, many of which you have probably never seen before. Don't let him fool you, Jimmy skill are next level. Whenever Jimmy is skating many people will just sit and watch in awe at his different approach to many tricks. Filmed and Edited by Kinam Jara Register For Camp Today! SUBSCRIBE for more Woodward moments: http://bit.ly/1mTgvbY Camp is always Tweeting and Posting to Instagram and Facebook! FOLLOW US here: The Woodward West website: http://bit.ly/wwwest INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/wwwestig FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/wwwestfb TWITTER: http://bit.ly/wwwesttwRegister For Camp Today!
Posted by: Woodward West