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Adriano Lachovski - Lost In Los Angeles #9 - Curitiba Brazil
Adriano Lachovski - Lost In Los Angeles #9 - Curitiba BrazilSubscribe to @tomothehomeless www.youtube.com/user/tomothehomeless Uploading same footage from last week, since many people from all over the world couldn't watch the video on their mobile phones. So here's the part with a another song. Starring one of my good friend from Curitiba Brazil. Filmed these clips around 2013-2014 when he was filming for the Warco skateboards video, Sun Machine. Thanks for watching my video. If you have any questions, please leave comment below or contact me through social media's. Instagram: http://instagram.com/tomothehomeless facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomothehomeless Twitter: https://twitter.com/tomothehomeless Filmed & Edited by Tomohiko Sumi Music by: Big L - Devils Son Follow Adriano Lachovski https://www.instagram.com/lachovski/ Check out other Adriano's video Adriano Lachovski Welcom to Warco Skateboards https://youtu.be/z9VJI2LDhUI Alfa Skateboards - This Is Adriano Lachovski https://youtu.be/ODZpZ4pl150 10 tricks - Adriano Lachovski https://youtu.be/2HMNwgqeDqQ Adriano Lachovski Team BK https://youtu.be/h1kIavQ_6r4 How Adriano Lachovski Won PHX AM 2013 https://youtu.be/Zmm4SZ7OSlE
Posted by: Tomohiko Sumi