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Creature Feature: Navarrette's Part from Born Dead
Creature Feature: Navarrette's Part from Born DeadLet's start of 2017 with a Banger of a part from none other than Darren Navarrette. His part from Born Dead, the video that launched the rebirth of Creature in 2006 still stands the tests of time. Sit back and soak it in as we start this year off with a Bang! SUBSCRIBE to Creature Skateboards: http://bit.ly/CreachTube FOLLOW the Fiend Club: Interweb: http://www.creatureskateboards.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CreatureSkat... Instagram: https://instagram.com/creaturefiends/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/creaturefiends Tumblr: http://creatureskateboards.tumblr.com/