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4 tricks with Shaun Hover
4 tricks with Shaun HoverSubscribe! http://bit.ly/17WKKbT I had a chance to meet up with Shaun in Sunland on a recent trip to California and film a few tricks. Trick list: (feel free to disagree about the names, these are weird ones) Nollie kickflip late kickflip Nollie backside half heelflip late half kickflip (?) – longest trick name ever Crooked grind pop over to boardslide. This was actually just a warm up trick but we didn’t get that much footage so I used it. Fakie kickflip to fakie feeble. Shaun’s youtube: www.youtube.com/c/shaunhover Instagram @shaunhover snapchat: shaunhover
Posted by: Adam Shomsky