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Skate Crates - Andy Evans - The Demo's Episode Part 2
Skate Crates - Andy Evans - The Demo's Episode Part 2Pure Hi-8 gold right here in the second episode of Andy Evans Skate Crates. Andy has been filming UK skateboarding since the late 80's and has one of the most varied archives of footage out there. Part 2 of The Demo's Episode features footage from the 1992 Spitalfields contest in London, the 1992 Plan B demo at Shrewsbury and a 1992 Southsea skatepark Santa Cruz demo. Amazing archive footage of Tom Penny, Carl Shipman, Flynn Trotman, Luke McKirdy, Rocker, Pete Dossett, Pat Duffy, Sal Barbier, Greg Nowik, Andy Scott, Cookie, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Andy Williams, Chet Thomas, Frank Hirata, Bod Boyle and more from a time when nobody but skateboarders gave two shits about skateboarding. Stoked! Sidewalk magazine's skateboarding channel: featuring skateboarding video parts, skateboarding tours, archive skateboarding clips, trick tips, event coverage, interviews and much more from across the world! Weekly uploads, playlists all that good stuff. Hit us up via comments if you've got something you think needs hyping! Subscribe to the Sidewalk channel Here - Join Sidewalk on Facebook- Follow us on Instagram @sidewalkmag Follow Sidewalk on Twitter-
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