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Vans : Kapolei Skate Jam BBQ 2016
Vans : Kapolei Skate Jam BBQ 2016Chopper Dave and Johnny Layton from Vans came out to Hawaii with bbq tongs and massive amount of Vans giveaways in hand! A three day, three park, bbq,skate jam and best trick contest! The locals were going bonkers for those Vans shoes, Chopper Dave was grilling up the best burgers, J Lay had the megaphone on lock, and Bedpan knows the ghetto blaster is a must on the session! Here is a recap of the Kapolei event! Thanks Blue Hawaii for your support! Dyson still got them back 3's! Check us out at the Store 808 Skate | 337 Uluniu St. Kailua, HI 96734 | (808)263-0808 Or spock us online
Posted by: 808 Skateshop