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SOFTHITS Vol.  2 - Shake U Down
SOFTHITS Vol. 2 - Shake U DownSofthits is a video side project from Orchard co-owner Armin Bachman that showcases some of the assorted awesomeness going on with the Boston skateboarding family set to a smooth #AdultContemporary soundtrack. Volume 2 is from a handful of weekend sessions in Boston in late May / early June 2015, filmed on a Sony VX2100. In the summer we put the 2100 on the backburner to start working on a new all VX1000 Orchard video project. Featuring Orchard team riders and fam in order of appearance - Nickodem Rudzinski, Brian Reid, Eric Dasaro, Dillon Buss, Emmet Bleiler, Ariel Perl, Brian Delaney, Garret Daly, James Nickerson, Robbie Fogarty, and Jack Embry Song - "Shake You Down" - Gregory Abbot