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Skateboarding videos
In this episode the Choice Boys take a ferry into through the Swedish Archipelago to skate the mythical Siaröfortet, a defunct covert military base. Made to look like natural rock, its man-made rock-like surface is uncannily suited to skating. Siaröfortet is host to many 'natural' snake runs, bumps, and wallrides. Featuring: Robin Lundberg, Nils Lilja, Justin Basset, Sam Beaulieu, James Thoem Lurking: Thomas Berry, Jeff Comber, Jacob Jurkiewicz Filmed: Thomas Berry Edited: Jacob Jurkiewicz Lewis Cruise 2015.Cast: Lewis CruiseTags: Siaröfortet, Stockholm, Choice Boys, Lewis Cruise, James Thoem, Nils Lilja, Bobby Lundberg, Sam Beaulieu, Jacob Jurkiewicz, Justin Basset, Jeff Comber, Thomas Berry, Siarofortet, Skateboard, Skate, choiceboyseu and criddler
Posted by: Lewis Cruise