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Plan 9 Project: 'Skate Trades'
Skate Trades is a 22min film that outlines the correlation between skateboarding and trades work in a uniquely informative way. Jason Bothe, a.k.a. Renee Renee, made the film come to fruition after the Canadian government requested him to produce a video that would engage the younger demographic to consider careers in the trades industry. Jason & Jordan drew inspiration from their closest friends who also happen to be trades workers and avid members of the skate scene. Jason remarked, “I really hope this will inspire a new generation of skaters to look into a career in the trades because not everyone will turn professional in such a heavy hitting athletic industry, not to say you can’t keep doing what you love but it’s also a good idea to have a solid back up plan!” The narrative follows Jason and his friends, who share their experiences of blending work with play, such as honing their trades skills by fashioning smooth ramps out of raw wood. The project was filmed in Squamish and Vancouver, British Columbia which lend a beautiful west coast backdrop to the film. Enjoy & Share Thank you... Produced By: Andy Jason Bothe Plan 9 Official Filmed & Edited By: Jordan Mayfield @jmayfpp Additional Filming By: Liam Mitchell David Ehrenreich Jan Schuster Color Correction By: David Tomiak Audio Designer: Edward Bauman Motion Graphics By: Ryan Smith Shot On: RED Camera Panasonic GH4Cast: Flow Points-Jordan MayfieldTags: RED<