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Short but sweet @ Rosebud Skatepark
Short but sweet @ Rosebud Skatepark featuring: Heath Clark, Michael Quinn Scott and Jason Legg.. It was a fine sunny day where i found myself hangin round Rosebud early in the morning. While having a large mango smoothie from Wendy's to satisfy my hunger, i was scrolling through my phone to see who would be keen for a skate, but ended alone by myself skating my local skate park. Battling to land a simple trick after a few hours, whilst dodging lil kids on scooters, I got a lil bit frustrated and just sat down. at this time it was about lunch when a car pulled up with Jason Legg cruisin round, it was a relief that someone i know came down for a skate reason being was that i was getting mind fudge by lil scoots..bad..So not long after the shake hands and knuckles...i got him to do few tricks and some of which he destroyed himself attempting. Hours past, it was about four in the afternoon when a car load of skaters turned up and i recognized some faces but vaguely from the distance, and sure enough it was Heath Clark and Micheal Quinn-Scott..after the introductions and what not, we got on it and got some footy fo this it is..short but sweet. - arjay <td style="fon