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Skateboarding videos
Stop #8 Volcom Stone's Wild In The Parks Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico 2012
- Music - http://volcoment.com ARTIST: Torche SONGS: "Snakes Are Charmed" and "Sky Trails" ALBUM: Harmonicraft - Volcom Entertainment - 14 & Under Division: 1st: Rio Batan 2nd: Hector Ortiz 3rd: Brandom Rivera 4th: Brandon Diaz 5th: Jose Rubio 6th: Anthony Medina 7th: Rayton Torres 15 & Over Division: 1st: Antonio Malagon 2nd: Anthony Soto 3rd: Joshua Casiano 4th: Jeremy Perez 5th: Tyson Feliciano 6th: Cesar Velez 7th: Gabriel Perez Open Division: 1st: Robert Lopez $250 2nd: Yariel Melendez $150 3rd: Hector John Marti $100 4th: Manuel Claudio 5th: Teddy JR 6th: Johnerik Feliu 7th: Duhamel Rodriguez
Posted by: Volcom