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History of Del Mar Skate Ranch on SPOTS - Part 1
History of Del Mar Skate Ranch on SPOTS - Part 1 Rare footage and untold stories of the history of Del Mar Skate Ranch in part 1 of SPOTS. Del Mar Skate Ranch was one of the most influential skate parks in the entire world nurturing a group of skaters who have made their mark in skate history including many of the tricks you see today. In part one you will see rare footage and photos of Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Kevin Staab, Christian Hosoi, Dave Swift, Grant Brittain and many more ripping in the early years of the park. Behind every skate trick ever done, is a place or &quot;spot&quot; where it happened. Learn about these famous SPOTS that have influenced skateboarding just as much or more than the individuals who skated them. Music: Krang &quot;Spirit Animal&quot; Speed Of Tent Krangalang.bandcamp.com Arcam &quot;Departures&quot; August Arcamprojects.com Vektroid &quot;Calm Down&quot; Neo Cali Vektroid.tumblr.com Moon &quot;The Blizzard&quot; Guilt Alannanuala.com Subscribe to Ride: www.youtube.com facebook.com twitter.com instagram @ridechannel <span style="color: #666666;
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