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Skateboarding videos
For a simple explanatory list of influences please visit the post at: thepredatorybird.com/?p=2585 Otherwise:- This video, of Anti-Hero alumni Div Adam and Tom Remillard, is inspired by the notion that we do not ultimately have any control over our decision to do anything. By the idea that the rocks that hit our wheels are unavoidable. The chain of events that led that rock to our wheel began with the big bang. The universe swirls and everything in it jostles into constantly varying arrangements that we are just aspects of. Choice is an illusion. For example: when Tom drops in I had no choice but to edit to Ground Zero off X-102 Discovers the Rings of Saturn by legendary Detroit Techno producers Underground Resistance (who's music evokes all the Pandora's Box hope and terror that sprung from the industrial revolution.) NO CHOICE! This decision was determined not by "me" but by the purest chance. Billions of years of evolution have led to this point.
Posted by: Skatematic