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Thomas Turner - 10 Tricks For A Taco
Thomas Turner - 10 Tricks For A Taco This is 15 year old Thomas Turner from Gilbert Arizona. Thomas skates with the pedal to the metal, full speed barging up hubbas and coasting cab back lips like it aint a thing. If this is what he does with a few minutes to spare in his local skatepark, I'm really looking forward to seeing a full part where he's got all the time in the world to get shit done! Filmed by Brian Masterson. Check out his channel www.youtube.com full length part coming soon in Elikanmic's new full length out of AZ &quot;Deserted&quot; Check the trailer here www.youtube.com Most entertaining or highest rated comment on this weeks vids get BEAST OF THE WEEK for next weeks uploads. We love to hear from all of you! Find Metro on the web at: &#8234;&#8234;metroskateshop.com Share your pics with us on Instagram @metroskateshop Stay one step ahead of whats posting by liking us on Facebook: &#8234;&#8234;www.facebook.com and please subscribe for weekly skate videos &#8234;&#8234;www.youtube.com Thanks for watching! <span style="color: #666666; font-size: 11px;"
Posted by: Metro Skateshop
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