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Brett Allen - 10 Tricks For A Taco!
Brett Allen - 10 Tricks For A Taco! check out brett allen here at the castlemont skate plaza getting buck with some flip in flip out fakie shenanigans on a nice size rail hurricane to fakie thats no joke...now go watch skateline bruh ..after watchin his kickflip back fifty - we tryna get paid nigga forreal we got kids to feed -gary rogers skateline also bretts daddy filmed by www.youtube.com or www.youtube.com sorry dudes, lost the original email, so i looked up past Brett Allen footage to try an guess who filmed this one. hope you guys are ok sharing the creds. Most entertaining or highest rated comment on this weeks vids get BEAST OF THE WEEK for next weeks uploads. We love to hear from all of you! Find Metro on the web at: ‪‪metroskateshop.com Share your pics with us on Instagram @metroskateshop Stay one step ahead of whats posting by liking us on Facebook: ‪‪www.facebook.com and please subscribe for weekly skate videos ‪‪www.youtube.com Thanks for watching!
Posted by: Metro Skateshop
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