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Skateboarding videos
Osiris Shoes presents -- "This Never Gets Old"
Osiris Shoes presents -- "This Never Gets Old" Conceptualized by Osiris, produced by Futuristic Films and directed by Nicholaus Goossen, who also directed the successful "We Are Osiris" campaign that won a Telly award. This Never Gets Old takes the viewer on a Point Of View (POV) journey that epitomizes youth culture. It's a morning to midnight adventure featuring a dog, skateboarding, bro downs, music, art, girls and back home to a surprise ending "In conceptualizing the POV concept the goal was to create a commercial that in 30/60 seconds captures all facets of youth lifestyle through action sports, art and music with subtle cameos of Osiris riders, but then tricks the mind and influences viewers to share and push it viral," said Brian Reid, Osiris Co-Founder/CCO. "Working with Goossen and Futuristic Films for our second big campaign was a fun challenge and our most creative commercial to date." The This Never Gets Old campaign is a fast paced video clip on steroids that emulates a day in the life of a juvenile skate rat. The day starts with the cliché of cold pizza, giving his dog a quick walk, meeting up with his friends, hitting a concert, hooking up, coming home to
Posted by: Osiris