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How Trevor Colden Won Tampa Am 2011
It was real close between Luke Hampton and Trevor Colden, but when the dust settled, it was Trevor in first by less than a point. Check the full Final results of Tampa Am here: skateparkoftampa.com/spot/skresult.aspx?ID=754 Get the full results of Best Trick here: skateparkoftampa.com/spot/skresult.aspx?ID=755 We'll have full coverage at skateparkoftampa.com after we finish the last night out at The Bricks tonight with all the homies that came from around the world to our crusty little down in America's nutsack. We're also doing the Annual Damn Am Awards at 9pm.Cast: Skatepark of Tampa and Colin ClarkTags: skateboarding, skateboard, skateboard contest, tampa am, skatepark of tampa, damn am and trevor colden