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Skate Rock 2010 East Coast Tour
Skate Rock 2010 East Coast Tour presented by Altamont with support from Nixon Filmed/Edited/Directed by Ty Evans Altamont: Andrew Reynolds Bryan Herman Brian Hansen Garrett Hill Sammy Baca Justin Figueroa Kenny Hoyle Theotis Beasley Bad Shit: Tony Trujillo Jake Phelps Trixie con Leche The Goat and the Occasional Others: Shane Heyl Andrew Reynolds Kevin Long Atiba Jefferson Beagleoneism Roadies: Chet Childress Grant Taylor Emanuel Guzman Peabody NECK FACE Pat McClain Chris Cole (PA) Thrasher Magazine: Michael Burnett Preston Maigetter Greg Schmitty The Skateboard Mag: Atiba Jefferson Drivers: Mark Waters Nick Umbenhower Justin Regan Mike Hubert Art: Todd Bratrud Additional Filming: R.B. Umali Nanny: Lacey Baker Tour Manager: Waylon Trujillo Venues: Caledonia Athens The Soapbox Wilmington The Black Flower Raleigh G-Spot Baltimore HomeBase Ramp Allentown Exit Skate Shop Philadelphia Autumn Bowl Brooklyn Shops: Stratosphere Atlanta Ambush Boarding Co. Kennesaw Verical Urge Raleigh VU Skate Shop Parkville Doublewide Skate Barn NC Eastern Skate Supply Pit Crew Frederick 3 Ride Baltimore Exit Skate Shop Philadelphia Kinetic Wilmington Homeage Brooklyn NJ III Hoboken Autumn Manhattan Thanks to everyone who made this possible!Cast:
Posted by: Ty Evans