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Skateboarding videos

Vancouver Plaza 12 Hour Film Contest

Vote for your favorite video from the Vancouver Plaza 12 Hour Film Contest on this page starting on Monday September 24 2012. The fan favorite will be chosen by you. Cast your vote using the like, tweet and Google+ buttons for the entries you like the most. We will announce the fan favorite winner on October 8th 2012.

Another Day In The Yard

Video by Benny Stoddard, Jan Schuster and Dane Collison. Skaters: Ian Twa, Matt Berger, Derek Swaim, Will Blakely, Taylor Senft, Chad Dickson, Cameo Wilson, and Spencer Hamilton. 12 Hour Film Contest "Overall" winner.


Filmed by Ethan Craig and Sheldon Barr. Skaters: Gabriel Di Norscio, Drew Copleston, Kieth Allan, Duncan Fraser, Jeff Kent, Ryley Antoniuk, Cole Novicki, Dustin Locke and Jeff Muirhead. 12 Hour Film Contest "All Out" winner.


Filmers: Luke Connor and Jake Hamilton. Skaters: Ace Sugimoto, Lewis Muldoe, Corey Cawdell, Kyle Jenkinson, Lucas Meggitt, Shay Sandiford, Karl Wilson, Jason Wilson, Kevin Wilson, Keith Stevenson. 12 Hour Film Contest "Straight Up Hustlin" and "Fan Favorite" winner.

Hot Box

Filmer: Joel Martell Skaters: Tony Myshalev, Michael Ray, Ben Blundell and Ryan Witt 12 Hour Film Contest "Most Orginal" winner.

What is the 12 Hour Film Contest?

Crews got 12hrs (noon-midnight) to film at the Vancouver skate plaza using only footage from the day. They had 5 more days to edit and submit their videos, for a chance to win the company credit card, trucks for life and more.